5 Things You Wouldn’t Wish On Your Worst Enemy

1.  Good grades

If your worst enemy is still in school, you definitely wouldn’t want him or her to receive, say, a 4.0. Even a 3.0 is pretty decent. You’d want your worst enemy to get something lower than that, perhaps somewhere in the 2-region.

2.  A promotion

Your worst enemy would undoubtedly let that sort of power get to his or her head, not to mention promotions usually come with raises and other perks. Corner office? Company car? Wouldn’t be at the top of my list of things to wish upon my worst enemy, that’s for sure.

3.  A happy marriage

You probably don’t want your worst enemy to get married at all! Maybe current laws even prevent your worst enemy from being legally allowed to married. While those laws are wrong, and you are definitely against them, you still wouldn’t want your worst enemy to have success in finding a compatible life partner.

4. Perfectly-made toast

Long, toppings, good grains, well toasted, etc.  REcently I discovered that nutella and apricot preserves make an excellent combination.  I hope they never think of that.

5.  A lifetime of personal fulfillment

Your worst enemy should ideally wander aimlessly through life until he or she arrives at the death’s doorstep, deeply unsatisfied with all his or her major choices and personal relationships. That would serve him or her right!

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