7 Must-try Macrobrews

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In recent years, microbrews have experienced a surge in popularity countrywide. But on their quests to taste all the unique new beers that local brewers have lovingly crafted, many aficionados have overlooked an entire segment of beer: the macrobrews. While they may not be for everybody, these quaint, mass-produced beers at least merit a taste, and no person can call himself a true connoisseur without having explored all that these beverages have to offer.

Below, we give you some of our staff’s top picks for macrobrews. Try them out for yourself, and let us know your favorite in the comments below.

Bud Light: This pale lager is the highest grossing beer in America for a reason, however unclear that reason may be. Take note of its whimsical diluted flavor and delightful lack of malt taste or hop bitterness.

Budweiser: The big brother of Bud Light, this pale lager packs a whopping 5.0% ABV (alcohol by volume). This thin, spritzy beverage pairs well with simple rice crackers and a tall glass of iced water.

Coors Light: A favorite among fans of silver cans, this pale lager is largely bland in flavor, though notable for its very, very, extremely subtle hints of horse stable.

Corona: Take a trip south of the border with this gentle pale lager. Just one sip will make you feel like you’re spending a hot night in a Tijuana alley or lounging poolside at your local public indoor swimming pool.

Miller Light: This pale lager is largely aqueous in nature, with understated notes of public bus seat and wet labrador.

Natural Light: Fermented in a musty storm drain, this pale lager truly encapsulates the acidic, thin-bodied taste of America’s rainwater and assorted street debris.

PBR: An ironic favorite among people named Phillip Benjamin Richardson, this pale lager manages to capture the elusive “downwind from the porta-potties on the third day of a music festival” flavor that brewers have attempted for centuries to master.

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