People Happy, Sad About Outcome Of Recent Sporting Event

A poll taken outside the stadium after a recent sporting event revealed that spectators had very mixed feelings about what had just transpired.

According to the results of the poll, a significant number of people rated themselves as feeling “pleased,” “very pleased,” or “extremely pleased” by the final score of the game that had just taken place. Conversely, a significant number of people also rated themselves as feeling “displeased,” “very displeased,” or “extremely displeased” by the score.

When asked about how their team had played, a fair portion of the group surveyed reported that they were “proud” of the players’ performances, while others said they were “disappointed.”

Pollsters say it is yet unclear why people feel so differently after viewing the same sporting event, but are quick to remind us that whatever the results of this or future studies, correlation does not equal causation, so perhaps we should not read too much into these things anyway.