Monday, March 3, 2008 to Wednesday, March 5, 2008 Jack Lang sees projects Darcos “intellectual impoverishment of the school” The former Minister of Education (from 1992 to 1993 and from 2000 to 2002) involves in an interview with Le Monde proposals Xavier Darcos the consolidation of the primary programs.

Monday, March 3, 2008 to Wednesday, March 5, 2008 Jack Lang sees projects Darcos "intellectual impoverishment of the school" The former Minister of Education (from 1992 to 1993 and from 2000 to 2002) involves in an interview with Le Monde proposals Xavier Darcos the consolidation of the primary programs. He protested especially against the phrase "back to basics", which is as a "sham". It also involves the precipitation in which are built these programs: "Why rush? Why implement new programs in the coming year if they are not ready? A moratorium would be reasonable. The 2002 program was the result of eighteen months of gestation, combining experts and 350,000 primary teachers. "Reasonable period of time for teachers to take ownership of the process. To read a report in Le Figaro in Brighton on the problems posed by the lack of school board in England. Actually Brighton is one of those few places where system reform by Labor was applied: she helped set up lotteries to randomly assigning schools where all requests could be met . The purpose of the reform was to prevent the wealthiest families capable of accommodating the closer of the most popular schools are favored over the more modest homes. The new rules also prevent schools ask families the amount of their income. But not only the symbol of a lottery does not please anyone but the results are not conclusive: 22% of families do not get the first school of their list, but the second or the third, while the proportion n ‘ was only 16% last year. The article also shows how private schools benefit from this. You have to close kindergartens? The mother is not immune to the great challenge of the school. In a book with the provocative title published Thursday an Inspector of Education (who publishes under a pseudonym) even suggests deleting it if it becomes a mere nursery. To read in Le Parisien. In the same newspaper, it reflects a survey showing that smoking pot is booming among college students. The figures are frightening speaking of 300 000 young people aged 12 to 15 years who have already used the "smoking joints" but the statistics presented in the article are not well documented and there is no known their construction. According Apaire Etienne, the president of the Mildt (Interministerial Mission for the fight against drugs and drug addiction) "Parents are least well informed." Yet signs exist. Red eyes, drowsiness, lack of attention … The Ministry of Education is drafting for September next a school intervention guide to help teachers to better identify addictive behavior. Moreover, the partnership education-policy-justice should be strengthened. Each institution would with a referent police that the principal or headmaster can be reached in case of problems. The law of 5 March 2007 now also provides a real penalty for users aged 13 caught: an internship in his office, of awareness of the dangers of cannabis. This device is still not in force. "Circular Chancery is expected," says one to the Mildt. The same law aggravates punishment of traffickers when the deal takes place in the vicinity of schools and / or when there is selling to a minor. Note also in 20 minutes, a report on the school of second chance in La Plaine Saint-Denis. The "Hope suburbs" would map "generalize" the device Schools second chance. Currently, there are only thirty-six E2C (E2C) which enable 4000 young people 18 to 25 years to reacquire the fundamentals – reading, writing and arithmetic – for six to twenty-four months, while forming a business via internships. To complete reflection, we can also read the article by Eric Saint-Denis (president FESPI) on the site of Pedagogical Notebooks. "As soon as she comes of course, my 16 year old girl stands in front of his computer to fuel its page" Facebook "and chat on MSN (instant messaging)," said Natalie, 42. The folder "Parents & Children" La Croix this week is devoted to displays. They can remove or bring parents and children but the psychiatrist Serge Tisseron think he must avoid the temptation to see the proliferation of new technologies the source of all the ills of the family. "The screens, he said, often only reveal malfunctions: Many parents think their teen comes to eat at the table because of video games or the Internet, while in many cases the dialogue was broken for long time.". Should we regulate access to screens? The journalist noted that paradoxically, television often been greater parental control as interactive screens. While children need it too (if not more) to be framed for this type of activity. The article recalls the existence of organizations like the Collective interassociative Children and Media (Ciem), which campaigns for better support of parents in the discovery of these new territories. We can compare this information to another found in Western France. A New York State University team showed that by reducing the consumption of screens (TV, video games, computer …), it also manages to lose weight overweight children … . Next at the end of the holiday area C Good Read … ——————————- ————— Liberation 03/03/08 at 05/03/08/08 the united front researchers Concerned angry, general Information had telephoned the organizers. "Your aircraft, are paper airplanes?" Debregeas George, vice president of Save the search, still laughing. Yes, he had assured the police, had that young researchers, teasing, were sent crashing into the garden of the Ministry of Research yesterday around noon in Paris were much paper. Anger senders, however, was reinforced concrete. Read more of the article Sciences: labs managers and researchers show this morning, they denounced before their department or the College of France, the evolution of the reform of research pursued by the government and the status of scientific staff. Read more of the article no longer entitled to mention the names of teachers The site allowed students to rate their teachers by name. The Justice held this morning to teachers. Read more of the article Note2be: "The court’s decision marks a French exception" Stephane Cola, co-founder of the site, strongly challenging the interim relief judge who this morning was forbidden to publish the names of the teachers rated by their students. Read more of the article "This story is a mess for both parties" Saturday, 14 hours before the Assize Court of Essonne, Evry. The trial of Kevani Wansale the aggressor Karen Montet-Toutain, the teacher in the course stabbed in December 2005 to a close. The court is about to retire to deliberate. Kevani look down. Since his box, he expresses himself facing the room one last time. He looks at the victim, and said in a voice asked: "I would ask again for forgiveness Mrs. Montet-Toutain, her mother, her husband, her family. […] I apologize for all the harm I made you suffer, and I made you suffer still. I regret every day, it does not leave me. "Read more of the article A town at the time of the Righteous In the Yonne, a class of CM2 investigated the fate of a Jewish child raised by a Couple people More Article ————————————— —— Le Figaro 03/03/08 at 05/03/08/08 in London, the school choice lottery is played depending on the region, between 10% and 40% of families n ‘ not get their children the establishment of their choice. Reform of Labor does not help. Read the rest of this article Researchers mobilized against the reforms, several hundred of them demonstrated to say fear of loss of autonomy. Read more of the article Allegre sets conditions for entry to the government According to Le Monde, the former Minister of Education wants "assurances" on the means available to it to enhance the status of researchers. Read more of the article "I’m sure that a foreign site will soon be like" Stephane Cola, founder of the rating site teachers reacted to the ban by Justice to appoint teachers evaluated by their students . Read the rest of the article ——————————————- Humanity in the 03/03/08 04/03/08/08 (a day late) scientists worried mutations research concerned for the future, six hundred laboratory directors are meeting today at the College of La France. The university staff, themselves, demonstrate outside their department. Read more of the article Pecresse law waivers in the universities? The renewal of university boards reveals a thrust opposite lists the LRU, as Rennes II or Le Mans. Read more of the article Lack of ambition for the instructional poles One legacy flagship reforms fiasco Outreau came into force on Saturday. Judges denounce means of inadequacy. Read more of the article will Note2be he flunked The judge makes his decision today regarding the future of the highly contested Teachers grading site. Read more of the article "A real mess for two lives that Saturday, after four days of trial, Kevani Wansale was sentenced to thirteen years in prison for stabbing his professor. Read more of the article Return of the religious: Endangered secularism? The interest Nicolas Sarkozy door to religion is ancient. By sounding the words of its director Emmanuelle Mignon firm in the Basilica of Saint John Lateran, he formulated the constitutive ideas of its "policy of civilization". A concept that can be traced back to the "Christian roots of Europe" and France, which he has repeatedly referred to. Forgotten the law of separation of church and state which enshrines the secular Republic. Read more of the article "What the state and the church do their job! "BY CLAUDE DAGENS BISHOP ANGOULEME must respect history, obviously. However, the Church does not have to be above other faiths, but it can play a role of mediation and dialogue with regard to civil authorities. I do not underestimate in any case the presence in our traditional Muslim society or the reality of unbelief, religious indifference and even seduction exercised by forms of spirituality more or less esoteric, mystical or sectarians. Read more of the article "Preserving the institutional base" GHALEB BENCHEIKH BY PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD CONFERENCE ON RELIGION AND PEACE Breaking announced during the presidential campaign has manifested in repeated speeches of the current head State of the religious fact and secularism. If the president has the right to have their own beliefs as a citizen, a little discretion would be welcome. Because when one is head of state, taking into account the sensitivities of the whole nation and all citizens. Read more of the article Secularism. Face to face Jean-Louis Schlegel John Paul Scot Jean-Louis Schlegel, a sociologist of religion, member of the editorial board of the journal Esprit, and Jean-Paul Scot, historian of the 1905 law and secularism. Read more of the article A perfectly egalitarian space BY Richard Prasquier, CHAIRMAN OF THE REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL OF JEWISH INSTITUTIONS OF FRANCE As I said in my speech at the CRIF dinner (with the President of the Republic on February 13 – Ed), we can not establish secular morality on a religious basis. That would put away a large portion of the French population, which reference a moral foundation on which we all live, the values ??that can be shared by both religious and non-religious. These are the values ??of the Republic and of human rights. Read more of the article The torch Jean Jaures BY BERNARD Teper, PRESIDENT OF THE UNION OF FAMILY LAY. Secularism is at risk. Attacks in good standing are brought to him first by the leaders of the current turbocapitalism that bind neoliberal policies and communal politics against the universal principles of solidarity and equality, but also by recent texts of the Vatican and of fundamentalism different religions, or by the action of certain political leaders. Read more of the article Breaking 1789 BY JEAN-MICHEL Quillardet, GRAND MASTER OF GREATER EAST OF FRANCE Agnostics, atheists, Christians or non-Christians are hurt by the statement of the President considering "that secular morality always risk of running out or turn into fanaticism when it is not associated with an expectancy that meets the aspiration to infinity … ". Everyone in the secular Republic, precisely, is free to hope, to despair, or to expect nothing … Read More Article ——————– ——————————– Le Parisien on 03/03/08 at 05/03/08/08 (fee ) what is the mother? The mother is not immune to the great challenge of the school. In a provocative paper published tomorrow, an inspector of Education even suggests deleting it if it becomes a mere nursery. Read more of the article Cannabis now invades colleges Smoking cannabis at age 13? This practice not unusual today. As shown by our survey, the consumption of hashish is booming among college students. The authorities want to try to curb the phenomenon. Read more of the article "Find joined Montaigne, it’s easy," In recent years, Montaigne inherited an evocative nickname: Little Jamaica. Chantale Collet, who took over the High School there two years ago, does not deny the problem but refuses to generalize. "I’m not sure that the situation is more serious than elsewhere. But it’s true, there are other smells that smoking outside. We are very vigilant and tough, but you can not search the pockets of our 2000 students. Mostly they start growing earlier. So, prevention against tobacco and drugs is no longer in the fourth, but the fifth now. "Read more of the homework help physics
article Antoine, 17, hooked four years IL FUME FIVE SEALS daily, but he would like" good stop. " But then, Antoine *, 17, 1st grader in a private school not under contract in the capital, is addicted to cannabis. This young repentant one regret, that of having started to "roll" in 5th at the age of 13, initiated by the uncle of a friend, then having been caught in a "gear" . Read more of the article "Parents are less informed" APAIRE ETIENNE, President Mildt (Interministerial Mission for the fight against drugs and drug addiction) Read the article The Ministry promises to address the iN a MONTH phenomenon, probably on April 8, the boss of the Mildt present its multi-annual program 2008-2012 in the fight against drugs Education Minister Xavier Darcos. Objective: To fight against the use of increasingly early narcotics in schools, in musclant the sanctions component and increasing preventive actions Read more of the article Small traffic every day in the deep France IT’S COLLEGE in peaceful appearance, a town of 7000 souls in the heart of France, not far from the countryside. Smoking "irregular" cannabis "just at concerts," Basil *, 14, 3rd class, closely observes the traffic of "weed" (grass), of "shit", but not "ecstasy" – "it’s hot to have" – ??who each year invites a little more in his establishment, far from being in a ZEP. Read more of the article will no longer include teachers This looks like a setback: the court in chambers today ordered the suspension of all personally identifiable information on the website "" which offers students record their teachers, citing the name of them. Read more of the article Darcos satisfied with the decision the Minister of Education, Xavier Darcos, "noted with satisfaction" the decision of the Paris court referred ordering the removal of all "personal data" on the site "". Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross at 03/03/08 05/03/08/08 screens invade the house the proliferation of televisions, computers, game consoles and other mobile phones imposes new rules that modify the parent-relationships children. For better and for worse Read more of the article ———————————— ————- 20 minutes from 03/03/08 to 05/03/08/08 A second chance throughout France to help the thousands of young people out, the State will -he to hand the wallet? Nicolas Sarkozy and Secretary of State for Urban Policy Fadela Amara, wished early February "generalize" feature of the Second Chance Schools (E2C) in the wake of the plan "Hope Suburbs". Currently thirty-six E2C enable 4,000 young people 18 to 25 years to reacquire the fundamentals – reading, writing and arithmetic – for six to twenty-four months, while forming a business through internships. It’s just when you know that 150,000 teens each year leave the college without continuing education or training. Read more of the article "I left a hole in my life, but I shook myself" What strikes through the door of the school, it’s calm. Some young jogging and hoodie discuss. Some conjugated verbs be and have, doing multiplication, reading in small groups, leaning on tables arranged in a U. Read more of this article Researchers demonstrate for their autonomy More than 200 researchers demonstrated Tuesday outside the Ministry of research in Paris, when some 600 laboratory directors met at the College de France to show their disagreement with the progress of the reform of research pursued by the government. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Metro (Paris) from 03/03/08 to 05/03/08/08 the shot blouses researchers Six hundred laboratories bosses met yesterday worried about the future of their industry Read more Article justice forbidden to mention the names of teachers the site "" which offers students record the teachers citing their name, will now refrain from any "personal data" pursuant to a court decision in chambers Monday hailed by the Minister, Xavier Darcos, and the SNES-FSU, one of the complainants More Article ———- ————————————– Rue89 from 03/03/08 to 05/03 / 08/08 Nothing seen … —————————————— —— West of France 03/03/08 05/03/08/08 degree in the patent that changes this year it has continued to be reformed. In 2008, the college will inaugurate the eliminatory mark in tongues. And a test computer. Read more of the article Fewer television, fewer obese children by reducing the consumption of screens (TV, video games, computer …), it manages to lose weight overweight children. Read more of the article Professors noted on the Net: it is not an appeal by teacher unions, justice forbade write the name of the teachers evaluated by users. The site uses. Read more of the article School support: successful variable geometry From sports, theater, aid to free homework after school. Colleges Zep test formula, with more or less success. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Southwest 03/03/08 at 05/03/08/08 the student slugger will respond to his anger he had struck several times in the face of an education assistant who refused it kind of class Read More Article Note2be, adventure would it be over? Unions and government have ground the teachers rating site Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Journal du Dimanche 03/03/08 at 05/03/08/08 wild child at 14, Samir A., ??recidivist offender, is the youngest prisoner in France. The young man, who committed 150 offenses in two years and defeated police and educators, must leave the prison Pontet, in the Vaucluse, in the coming days. But the teenager remains a mystery to all who knew him and were afraid recidivism. Read more of the article Note2be: It’s not for names The Paris Criminal Court, lodged an urgent application by teachers and several unions, ordered the website do not show the professors noted names by students, making its factual inoperative principle. The Education Minister expressed his satisfaction, then the site founders have denied any irregularity. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 03/03/08 at 05/03/08/08 theater against the discomfort of Stage teenagers in a high school of Val-d’Oise: Samy 7 of 20 his math test. Overwhelmed, he collects the feedback from his teacher. Among the spectators, Saif rises to replay the scene by taking the role of Sammy. Read more of the article Website note2be will remove the names of teachers noted that the names of teachers will no longer appear on the website of note2be rating. Monday, March 3, the court in chambers of Paris asked the publisher to "suspend the use of personal data of teachers for their ratings and their treatment." Read more from the article "Back to gray blouse" or "hope": the divided unions In a letter dated 28 February 2007 Xavier Darcos, the SNUipp-FSU, the main union for primary education, expresses " deep concern "about the conduct of the teachers on the proposed new program, presented by the Minister of education on 20 February. Read more of the article Jack Lang sees projects Darcos "intellectual impoverishment of the school" Twice Minister of Education (from 1992 to 1993 and 2000 to 2002), Jack Lang, deputy PS, among the potential opening ministers in case of government reshuffle. It calls into question the proposals of the Minister of Education Xavier Darcos the consolidation of the primary programs. Read more of the article Justice prohibits personal notes on teachers Since launching the site, 50,000 teachers were rated on, according to six criteria: interesting, clear, available, fair, respected motivated. The overall average is 14/20. Read more of the article assaulted Etampes judge that the verdict is "a mess" "It’s a real mess for both sides," lamented Mrs. Montet-Toutain. In the aftermath of the attack, celle- had expressed strong resentment against his superiors, who had not supported when, a few days before the attack, she had been threatened by students. Read more of the article ——— ——————————- Le Nouvel Observateur Permanent 03/03/08 at 05/03/08/08 the cannabis is spreading among college students 300,000 college students 12 to 15 years have smoked a joint, and many of them are supplied directly within their school. time for rejuvenation buyers and resellers and all the media are concerned, according to a survey of Parisian More Article Vitry-sur-Seine. Muslim college should open this private school should open on Monday a sixth grade, "Morn s two years of study, effort and discussions with the authorities, "announced Education and Knowledge Association. Read more of the article A teacher suspended for kicking a student’s Grade 6, the family filed a complaint, accused the teacher for giving him a kick while traveling in the classroom without asking permission. Read more of the article Justice banned the names on the site "" The SNES-FSU, FSU and six teachers were assigned by referring the site and its co-founder, Stephane Cola for offering students Teachers note their name. Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 03/03/08 at 05/03/08/08 "Allegre government, a provocation" "the opening I will continue," Nicolas Sarkozy said in an interview with Le Parisien. He mentions in particular Claude Allegre, "a man with whom I would like to one day work", "a great scientist" who "wants to change things." Praise that do not unanimity in the scientific community. Reaction Monthubert Bertrand, president of Save the search. Read more of the article Things are heating up among researchers Summit Meeting among lab directors, protest outside the Ministry: Researchers fear for their future and do know. Read the rest of this article Researchers are ringing again mobilizing hundreds of researchers met at the College de France in Paris to express their concern about the government’s plans. Unions and associations of higher education and research called the staff and students at rallies in several cities in France. Read more of the article These French who protected Jews Far from recent controversies on the memory of the Holocaust, historians throw new light on the dark years of the occupation. Facing criminal machine Vichy, they are reassessing the role of the chain of solidarity that has saved tens of thousands of adults and children. And the survivors testify in turn this civil resistance, contrary to the image of France "collaborator". Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- selection in the 03/03/08 dispatches to 05/03/08/08 Corrida: the Ministry of Education asked 3 rectors avoid "proselytizing" the Ministry of Education believes it "is not in the role of Education to ensure the promotion of bullfighting with children" and asked the rectors of Montpellier, Aix-Marseille Bordeaux and avoid "proselytism" in institutions did on Monday the ministry. Read more from the article "My info of the month," new magazine for 8-11 years, on newsstands Wednesday A new magazine, "My info of the month", a monthly that caters to children ages 8 to 11 years , out on newsstands Wednesday at a price of 4 €, said Tuesday editions Play Bac Presse AFP. Read more of the article Reims: teacher suspended for giving a kick to a student of professor Robert Schuman College in Reims is "suspended" since Monday after being accused by a student of eleven years for having given a kick in the leg during a course, does said Tuesday from the rectory. Read more of the article Note2be becomes "de facto obsolete," the FSU FSU, one of the unions had appointed the controversial site rating teachers "" said the site became "fact obsolete "after the court decision in chambers Monday to suspend any personally identifiable information to this site, in a statement. Read more of the article Road safety and insurance educate youth moped The Road Safety and the French Federation of Insurance Companies (FFSA) launched on Monday a "teaching tool" to educate young people to the risks of the moped, one cause youth mortality from 14 to 17 years. Read more of the article Seven years in prison for a religious teacher retired to rape a religious teacher retired, aged 75, was sentenced to seven years imprisonment by the Assize Court of Maine -et-Loire, for rape and sexual assault committed nieces between 1996 and 2003. Read More Article Movement growls in schools Several schools in Nice and Nice colleges lead from a week of actions greve afin de protester contre les suppressions de poste annoncees dans leurs etablissements a la prochaine rentree, a-t-on appris mardi de sources concordantes. Lire la suite de l’article ———————————————————————– Publie par Watrelot a mercredi, mars 05, 2008